Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fit Life - Food Sucks...but I Love It!

I feel like at this point I really shouldn't call this extra weight "baby weight". It's been long enough that I really feel like if I had put my mind to it I would have lost it at this point. I know I haven't given it my all but I also know I've never worked out more in my life!

I have been LOVING my workouts at Barre3 and Dailey Method. I started my workout process at Barre3. I love the vibe there and the culture, it's very friendly and community feeling. They remember your name and were always great with Ryley. As Ryley's nap schedule changed Barre3 class schedule didn't work out as well so I started going to a 45 minute lunch class at Dailey Method. Then Ryley's nap schedule changed again and I started attending Dailey Method Interval class, which is a more cardio based class.

I love interval but the past few weeks it has been kicking my butt to the point of not feeling great during class so I'm heading back to the standard barre classes to get myself back into the rhythm of things from a month of vacation and too much food. I start tomorrow and hope I can get back into my routine of 3-4 times a week! Dailey Method is great but the environment is a bit more cold. Cold might be the wrong word but it's hard to describe. I love it now but when I first came I was a bit put off because it's less friendly than Barre3 was.

So that is my working out....but my eating. That is really where I need to do better. When I've lost weight in the past it has always been because I did meal planning. Every Sunday I would make breakfast, snack and lunch for the next week and get it all in lunch bags for the week. I'd also have a plan for all of our dinners. With a little one it has been a bit harder to do that. Really that's just an excuse. Instead of typing this blog post right now I could be meal prepping. But at the end of a day playing with a toddler I'm tired and what I WANT to do is sit on my computer.

I need to make some changes in this department. I'm not quite sure how to motivate myself but right now I'm not in love with how I'm looking in photos. I was thinking of trying the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody but I've always been so against that sort of thing. Seems like I'm paying them to tell me what I already know. My other idea was to find something I want but wouldn't normally buy myself and make it a reward. I did this when Ryley was little and I needed to get my but back into my own bed. But right now I can't really think of anything I really want.

So that is where I'm at. I'm trying to get my eating under control. Don't get me wrong, I'm not over here binging on Doritos or anything but I need to have better portion control and less processed stuff (I love me some Lean Cuisine for lunch because I'm lazy). I also LOVE eating out and trying new foods. Matt and I are back down to our only twice per week eating out. That might seem like a lot to some people but we used to have times where we'd eat out most days so have to start somewhere right?

I'll keep you all updated on how things go!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Park Life - Comanche Park

Ryley and I had a BLAST at Comanche Park the other day. It is brand new and was a great adventure for her! Here is the review from Silicon Valley Toddler. As much as loved the park I have a slightly different perspective than she does since Ryley is quite a bit younger.

At 13 months there were some serious pros:
  • A small slide off to the side with stairs that she could climb up
  • A low tunnel and bridge she loved climbing on
  • The awesome rubbery squishy ground, seriously love this stuff and is good for crawlers
  • The toddler structure has 2 slide options, both of which she loved
But also at 13 months there were some negatives:
  • Ryley is still a swing lover and there is only 1 baby swing, need 2 at minimum
  • The structure was a little high for her and the openings where she could fall were on opposite sides so I had to run between them as she climbed up
  • There was only one way for her to get up onto the structure and even that wasn't totally enclosed
  • I really wish when they built new parks they would put in shade structures!

The structure does say 2-5 year olds so I'm playing at my own risk but really I need places to take my kid too. There are definitely better parks for kids Ryley's age but if you have an adventurous toddler or just want a change of scenery this is a good option, just be sure to watch your little one. With all the extra stuff off to the side I do still recommend the park for the little ones.

I also enjoyed the look of the park, so fun with lots of colors. They had 4 person tables around which were great as well. There was a small lovely green grass hill behind the toddler structure too, it was calling "roll down me"! :) Some day when Ryley is big enough I can't wait to do that with her, be silly and just enjoy the grass!

What are some of your favorite young toddler parks?


Friday, July 24, 2015

Baby Life - A few of my Favorite Things

Life with a kid goes so fast. I wish I had been better about writing things down with Ryley's milestones but I always forget and by the time I remember I forget when it actually happened. Same thing goes for our favorite baby items and toys. So here is my post of trying to get the list out of my head and down on "paper".

Newborn stage:

  • Rock 'N Play - this was one of my FAVORITE things. I didn't use it as a bassinet but would put her in it while Matt and I ate, I needed to go to the bathroom, really anytime. Ryley never liked the vibrating but she loved the rocking. It was a serious lifesaver and it was inexpensive. I highly recommend this one
  • Sound machine - there are a billion options but I think anything that has multiple types of sound options will work. Ryley still uses this for naps
  • Boogie wipes
  • G Diapers - I LOVE these things. We wanted cloth diapers but they were so big on Ryley. These come in 4 sizes and actually fit her well. Plus they hold more than disposables, and of course have far less waste
Infant stage:
  • Monkey bouncy seat - once Ryley was too big for the rock 'n play we got this seat. Ryley had so much fun reaching for the monkeys and bouncing. This seat was quite useful when I needed to take a shower :)
  • Pacifier clips as toy clips - I happen to think this idea is genius! We use the pacifier clips and put them on toys and clip them to Ryley so she can't toss them. This is great for restaurants, walks, etc. It's also been really useful for teething toys
  • Gum brush - speaking of teething toys, this has been Ryley's favorite
  • Korean play mat - this thing is mostly for me, it's squishy and comfy for me plus good for Ryley crawling. I like it more than the puzzle type ones because it's thicker, Ryley can't take it a part and it's easy to clean
  • Usborne Touch & Feel Books - Ryley loves books and these are some of her favorite!
Toddler stage:
  • Little People ride on - Anything that plays music Ryley loves but this one especially
  • Bubble Gum Machine - It was amazing watching her learn how to use this toy. How to put the balls in the top and press the leaver to release the balls
  • Kid Chair - She loves grabbing a book and climbing into her little Pottery Barn chair, so stinking cute! I also got another from Target. She loves both
  • My First Touch & Feel Cards - My dad got her the First Words edition for her birthday and she loved them so much we got her the rest of the set. They have great questions for parents to ask their kids too. She isn't to that point yet but we will get there
Once I publish this I'll probably think of other things that I love but for now these are some of the things I want to make sure my fiends know about :)

What are some of your favorite things?

Married Life - We bought a house!

Wow I can't believe it happened but we've finally purchased our first home! When we first moved to San Jose our plan was to only stay for a couple of years and then move on to Austin. We even spent a weekend down there and checked out open houses. Pretty crazy what you can get for your money there!

Back to our new home...we finally bit the bullet and just went for it! The house is a great starter home. 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom at 1600 sq ft. It's a cute little house with a bit of spanish flare. Before move in we worked on the house, the previous owners had a few interesting things set up in the house.

Before move in we, as in 98% Matt, we worked on -
1) Garage: They had built a laundry room in the garage so you couldn't park in there. We took down that room and then need to put in some extra rafters to support storage in the top of the garage to house all my decorations

2) Family Room: In the 70's they put in a conversation pit around their fireplace. They raised the floor and then dug in a hole for the pit. We had to pull up all the flooring, fill in the hole with dirt and concrete, grind down the concrete that was under to be smooth, patch in dry wall, lay new floor and put in a new sliding glass door. This one is a big project, we aren't done yet but it's been fun and really hard so far!

3) Outside: They had an old rotting wooden deck in the back. I took it out, BY MYSELF!! Woot woot, go me :) So eventually we are going to put down a tile porch and build a pergola. It's going to be very fun and relaxing place once we are done!

Can't believe we did it! But we love our neighborhood and our house, even though it still needs some work. We are so excited to have our own home :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Foodie Life - Mother's Day

In our family we LOVE food. A favorite activity of Matt and I pre-baby was enjoying amazing food. I miss those days of spending our extra income on food and wine instead of baby ha.

With Ryley we've been doing baby led weaning - basically that means she gets to eat what we eat, most of the time anyways. So for Mother's Day after a day of fun I decided I wanted sushi for dinner. We headed over to Yuki Sushi in Willow Glen, which by the way has an amazing happy hour! The line was literally half way down the block! Luckily we squeezed in to the last available table.

Instead of miso soup this place serves noodles as their "appetizer". And well apparently this is Ryley's favorite food. Check out this video, so cute!

Ryley has been a good eater from the start. Last night we had salmon and she loved that too. Veggies aren't really her fave but everything else she is great with. There has yet to be something that she didn't go back for more. Hopefully Matt and I can turn her into to a foodie just like us!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Park Life - Cahalan in South San Jose

On Monday Ryley and I had our first PLANNED day of just 1 nap. I was a little nervous. How do I keep a 10 month old occupied and enjoying life for a 4 hour stretch and then a 6 hour stretch?!?! But we made it through!!

The morning was mostly taken up by going to the gym. Good excuse to go to the gym - keep Ryley occupied!

After our nap we decided to head over to Cahalan Park. I had read on Silicon Valley Toddler that it was a great option for young toddlers because they had a structure that was really short. Seriously - the structure was PERFECT! Ryley recently learned how to climb the stairs so this was additional practice climbing up the levels. There are 5 levels from the ground and only one has a part where they could fall, but it's very low to the ground.

It took her a good 15 minutes to climb up. She was rather intrigued by the wood chips, one downfall of this playground, and I had to brush them off to keep her from trying to eat them. But she made it and then I helped her slide down the slide. We did it 3 times and then the sun starting hitting that area so we decided it was time to head home. The playground looks like it would be more shaded during other parts of the day but I'm not certain. The swings and the larger toddler structure had no shade. We'll have to check it out at another time of day.

We had a really great time. Ryley got to actually experience a playground instead of just looking at it from the swing. It was a lot more fun for me too! I would absolutely suggest this playground to anyone with younger toddlers!

If you check it out let me know what you think!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sorority Life - Chapter Advisor

As you know I'm the Recruitment and Marketing Advisor for the ADPi Chapter at Santa Clara. I LOVE being an advisor! It has been amazing to get back involved with ADPi and help these women through their collegiate days.

Recently our Chapter Advisor went back to work full time so she has decided to take a step back and has moved over to Finance Advisor. That left the role of Chapter Advisor open so for a few weeks I've been playing both Recruitment and Chapter Advisor roles.

Chapter Advisor is definitely different. I like it though, I'm excited to help the women in a different way. I think we may have found a new Recruitment & Marketing Advisor too so looks like I'll likely be staying on as Chapter Advisor. YAY. I can't wait to see how this all goes.

Wish me luck!